Date Published: 31/03/2022


Potential market-stealing effect of FDI on state-owned enterprises: an empirical examination of the case of Vietnam
Tang Van Nghia, Cao Thi Hong Vinh, Nguyen Duy Hung, Paul Schrader
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Page: 1-22
Determinants of customer satisfaction towards buying fresh foods in supermarkets - A study in Ho Chi Minh City
Nguyen Thi Quynh Nga, Huynh Thi Kim Thoa
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Page: 23 - 41
Factors affecting capital adequacy ratio of joint-stock commercial banks in Vietnam
Vinh Hoang Le, Anh Hoang Nguyen, Thuy Minh Thi Le, Vien Bich Cao
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Page: 42 - 62
The impact of HRM practices on organizational commitment and job satisfaction of civil servants in Hanoi
Nguyen Danh Nam, Uong Thi Ngoc Lan
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Page: 61 - 77
An assessment of factors influencing career choices among fresh graduates: a survey of students majoring in business and economics
Nguyen Thu Giang, Duong Thi Hoai Nhung
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Page: 78 - 99
Towards sustainability in waste management: a systematic literature review
Vu Thi Hanh, Nguyen Hoang Vinh Ha, Pham Thi Cam Anh, Dang Quynh Nhu
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Page: 100 - 128