Date Published: 31/08/2015


Methodological approaches to assessment of the human capital value in condition of social modernization
Zaure Chulano, Anel Ussenova
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Page: 3-13
Determinants of corporate liquidity: a literature review
Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen
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Page: 14-22
Factors influencing the firm’s self-selection behavor in the electricity industry in Vietnam (2006 – 2010)
Nguyen Quynh Huong
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Page: 23-34
Determinants of capital structure: empirical evidence from Vietnamese listed construction companies
Nguyen Thu Anh, Le Thi Thanh Huyen
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Page: 35-51
Exploring the effects of the perceived fit with corporate social responsibility on brand loyalty in the tobacco industry
Vu Thi Kim Chi, Tran Manh Dung
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Page: 52-69
The relationship between organizational culture and innovation through Vietnamese employee’s perspective
Nham Phong Tuan, Pham Thi Trang
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Page: 70-83