On the afternoon of June 28, 2022, within the conference "Completing the manuscript of articles published in scientific journals according to international standards", the Journal of International Economics and Management held a special session for young researchers, dotoral students and undergraduate students who desire to access to international scientific journals. This is a special event, which is the first time that the Journal of International Economics and Management organizes a professional session for young researchers. This special session has affirmed and strengthened the social service responsibility of Foreign Trade University in general and of Journal of International Economics and Management in particular.

The session attracted the attention and participation of a large number of students, young scientists, representatives of the Youth Union and Student Clubs, who have a desire to learn and implement the process of publishing articles. The afternoon session focuses on regulations, procedures and guidelines for authors who wish to submit articles to Journal of International Economics and Management. At the same time, the Journal also introduced and guided the use of Zotero software in quoting and archiving references.

The afternoon session attracted the interest, participation, response and interaction from a large number of young researchers and students. After the lecture, the Editor-in-Chief, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Tu Thuy Anh, and members of the Editorial Board answered many questions and discussions from students. This special session has gathered valuable lessons about preparing manuscripts for young researchers, about the role of publishing scientific articles for students, and experiences in applying information technology in reading and quoting references.